Music & Art Refuge

This is the place where the “Gamby Festihal” is held every year on the weekend of the 3rd Saturday in May. “Gamby Festihal” is a private festival with mixed music.

The ideal place for: Writing camp and set rehearsal, touring preparation and sleepover, go into details and relaxation for musicians and artists.
There are also wooden, leather and blacksmith workshops.

Good, mainly organic food is served, and you can choose anything from homemade fast food to gourmet food.

The scraped model costs DKK 300 per person incl. bed, electricity, breakfast, lunch and dinner and use of various rooms.
Extra luxury costs extra.

Here you can immerse yourself and let us serve good food and practical assistance.
Cheap prices, good service and nice surroundings.

Music & Art Refugee
Small music scene
Music & Art Refugee
Great music scene